Mariann Wiederkehr
Farbstift und Kreide auf Papier

Education & Artist's Thoughts

Mariann Wiederkehr received her art training at the F+F School for Art and Design in Zurich. Since 1989, she has exhibited throughout Switzerland and participated already 9 times in the Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara, CA / USA. In addition, her work has been commissioned by several leading Swiss companies.

Artist's Thoughts

Mariann works with colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, and street chalk: dry colors, "slow" working materials. They demand concentration, dedication, precision, and perseverance and offer unimagined possibilities for combinations, compositions, and connections: drawing and fixing, erasing and drawing over again. Rubbing colored chalk with the hands onto the paper and making it shine. Varnishing, then adding to the drawing with a colored pencil. Meticulously representing the finest details and then erasing parts of them again.

She works for weeks drawing big pictures with symbols for earth, water and air, cuffing up the finished picture, distributing the pieces of it in square frames, and leaving it up to the buyer to make alterations: keeping it together and letting it go again. Everything is pulsating.